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Rates and Procedures

  HBO Archives licenses footage for commercial/professional use only. i.e.: television, multi-media, advertising, feature films, government, educational, corporate and new media. HBO Archives does not directly sell footage or provide footage for personal use.





Upon receipt of your research request an HBO Archives representative will contact you directly to discuss your project and your request.

HBO Archives does not typically license footage in which HBO Sports talent is visible. Those projects seeking an exemption to this policy must request one in writing for consideration.

Once the material you need has been found, we will create a DVD or digital screener with time code, which will be usable in research or rough editing phase of your project.

Master tapes can be provided on BetaSP and Digibeta for Standard Definition. DVCPRO HD, HDCAM and HDCAM SR are available for High Definition. SD and HD masters can also be provided digitally as files via FTP delivery. All master tapes released by HBO Archives are considered property of HBO and must be returned within 30 days of completion of the project at the client's expense.

Please return all masters to: Suzanne Brunink, HBO Archives, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036

Client is responsible for providing in a timely fashion both 1) a usage report of HBO Archives footage including precise descriptions and lengths of shots used and b) a DVD copy of the final program.


Footage provided by HBO Archives is not sold but, instead, licensed. This means we provide clients with the necessary rights to use our footage in a specific production and only on a limited time basis. The licensed material may not be sold, rented or re-used in any production other than that specified in the license agreement, including graphic and still images.

Additional rights can be granted after the license has been issued. Contact us to negotiate any additional license fees.

License agreements provided by HBO Archives clear only the rights to the footage. Talent clearances may be necessary if talent is visible in the clip and is to be used for advertising purposes. The client/licensee assumes any and all other risks involved and is responsible for obtaining any additional rights and for making any payments to any athletes, actors, estates, guilds, unions or others necessary. Music clearance may also be necessary.

License Fee is due and payable before or upon delivery of master material. License rights will not be granted until the license is duly signed and paid in full to HBO Archives. There are no refunds or credits for clean footage ordered that is not used in the final production. Once the master clips have been released, Licensee is responsible for payment regardless of whether the video is used in the completed project or their project is never completed. We require and hold accountable the Licensee for the return of all clean elements ordered from HBO Archives, accompanied by a DVD of the final production when requested for footage use verification.

For specific licensing information please call our toll free phone number 1-877-426-1121 or email us at [email protected]

HBO Archives does not license in-program footage from its Original Programming series and specials.


HBO Archives strives to provide defining images at a competitive rate. We understand that all budgets are not treated equally. Sometimes "passion" projects need a bit more assistance. Some "TV specials" air as one-time-only events in limited markets. License fees for usage vary depending on the rights you require and based on volume of footage used. Rights are licensed for non-exclusive use as edited in one production.

Producers ordering "blind" under a tight deadline are subject to a 50% "kill" fee, plus applicable research and dubbing charges.

The rates for research reels vary from no charge to a few hundred dollars, depending on the complexity and length of the research request.

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