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Introducing footage from "Life Around Us," the Time-Life Films documentary series covering natural science, technology, history and wildlife. This series, which aired from 1968-1971, has been transferred from film to HD and is now available for clip licensing for the first time ever.

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From 1935 to 1967, Time Inc's newsreel series, "The March of Time®" chronicled the events of our lives. These award-winning motion pictures recorded global events and brought them to big screens around the world and then later, television. The collection also contains historic footage dating back to 1913.

In addition, the HBO Archival Collection includes hundreds of hours of vintage Government films and Universal Newsreel programs.

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Crusade in the Pacific

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Year Episode Collection
1935 Belisha Beacons Newsreels
1935 Fred Perkins Newsreels
1935 Metropolitan Opera Newsreels
1935 Moe Buchsbaum Newsreels
1935 Saionji Newsreels
1935 Speakeasy Street Newsreels
1935 Germany Newsreels
1935 Leadbelly Newsreels
1935 Mohawk Disaster Newsreels
1935 New York Daily News Newsreels
1935 Speed Camera Newsreels
1935 Huey Long Newsreels
1935 Mexico Newsreels
1935 Munitions Newsreels
1935 Trans-Pacific Newsreels
1935 Navy War Games Newsreels
1935 Russia Newsreels
1935 Washington News Newsreels
1935 Army Newsreels
1935 Croix de Feu Newsreels
1935 Father Coughlin Newsreels
1935 Bootleg Coal Newsreels
1935 CCC Newsreels
1935 Ethiopia Newsreels
1935 Neutrality Newsreels
1935 Palestine Newsreels
1935 Safety ('Sudden Death') Newsreels
1935 Summer Theatres Newsreels
1935 G.O.P Newsreels
1935 Strikebreaking Newsreels
1935 Wild Ducks Newsreels
1935 Japan-China Newsreels
1935 Narcotics Newsreels
1935 Townsend Plan Newsreels
1936 Deibler Newsreels
1936 Pacific Islands Newsreels
1936 TVA Newsreels
1936 Father Divine Newsreels
1936 Hartman Discovery Newsreels
1936 Moscow Newsreels
1936 Devil's Island Newsreels
1936 Fisheries Newsreels
1936 Tokyo, Japan Newsreels
1936 Arson Squads in Action Newsreels
1936 Field Trials Newsreels
1936 Florida Canal Newsreels
1936 Veterans of Future Wars Newsreels
1936 League of Nations Union Newsreels
1936 Railroads Newsreels
1936 Relief Newsreels
1936 Crime School Newsreels
1936 Otto of Hapsburg Newsreels
1936 Texas Centennial Newsreels
1936 An American Dictator Newsreels
1936 Jockey Club Newsreels
1936 Revolt in France Newsreels
1936 Albania's King Zog Newsreels
1936 Highway Homes Newsreels
1936 King Cotton's Slaves Newsreels
1936 Passamaquoddy Newsreels
1936 The 'Lunatic Fringe' Newsreels
1936 U.S. Milky Way Newsreels
1936 England's Tithe War Newsreels
1936 Labor versus Labor Newsreels
1936 The Football Business Newsreels
1936 New Schools for Old Newsreels
1936 The Presidency Newsreels
1936 A Soldier-King's Son Newsreels
1936 An Uncle Sam Production Newsreels
1936 St. Lawrence Seaway Newsreels
1936 Business Girls in the Big City Newsreels
1936 China's Dictator Kidnapped Newsreels
1937 Conquering Cancer Newsreels
1937 Midwinter Vacations Newsreels
1937 Mormonism-1937 Newsreels
1937 Birth of Swing Newsreels
1937 Enemies of Alcohol Newsreels
1937 Child Labor Newsreels
1937 Coronation Crisis Newsreels
1937 Harlem's Black Magic Newsreels
1937 Amateur Sleuths Newsreels
1937 Britain's Food Defenses Newsreels
1937 The Supreme Court Newsreels
1937 Irish Republic-1937 Newsreels
1937 Puzzle Prizes Newsreels
1937 U.S. Unemployment Newsreels
1937 Dogs for Sale Newsreels
1937 Poland and War Newsreels
1937 Babies Wanted Newsreels
1937 Rockefeller Millions Newsreels
1937 The 49th State Newsreels
1937 Rehearsal for War Newsreels
1937 The Spoils System Newsreels
1937 Youth in Camps Newsreels
1937 Pests of 1937 Newsreels
1937 War in China Newsreels
1937 England's D.O.R.A. Newsreels
1937 Fiorello LaGuardia Newsreels
1937 Junk and War Newsreels
1937 Amoskeag-Success Story Newsreels
1937 Crisis in Algeria Newsreels
1937 U.S. Secret Service Newsreels
1938 Old Dixie's New Boom Newsreels
1938 One Million Missing Newsreels
1938 Russians In Exile Newsreels
1938 Arms and the League Newsreels
1938 Brain Trust Island Newsreels
1938 Crime and Prisons Newsreels
1938 Nazi Conquest-No. 1 Newsreels
1938 England's Bankrupt Peers Newsreels
1938 Friend of the People Newsreels
1938 Racketeers vs. Housewives Newsreels
1943 The Navy Ashore Government Films
1946 Money At Work Corporate Films
1947 Children in Trouble Corporate Films
1947 Shadows of Hate Corporate Films
1948 1948 Political Convention Government Films
1948 Freedom is Indivisible Corporate Films
1948 The New California Corporate Films
1950 A Chance to Play Corporate Films
1951 A Nation Called Denver Corporate Films
1951 And A Voice Shall Be Heard Corporate Films
1951 Invitation to Harvard Corporate Films
1951 Oil and Men Corporate Films
1951 Tobaccoland, USA Corporate Films
1952 Art in America 1952-53 Television Series
1952 Ballets de France-The Girl and the Minstral-Part 1 Television Specials
1952 Ballets de France-The Girl and the Minstral-Part 2 Television Specials
1952 Ballets de France-The Holiday Television Specials
1952 Ballets de France-The Masquerade Television Specials
1952 Ballets de France-The Wedding Television Specials
1952 Basic English 1 Television Specials
1952 Basic English 2 Television Specials
1952 Report on our Atomic Development 1952-53 Television Series
1952 We the People Recap Television Specials
1952 Wit and Humor Television Specials
1953 Dr. Spock 1952-53 Television Series
1963 Berlin Wall Television Specials
1963 One Hundred Million Dollars in Rags Television Specials
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